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Fullname Unknown
Birthday 1900
Class Villain
Age 115
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Build <e.g. stocky, or athletic, etc.>
Eyes <Colour>
Hair <Colour>
Occupation Terrorist, Sorcerer, HYDRA Agent

Claim to Fame

Der Zyklon was once a champion of the Axis who battled in opposition of many heroes of WWII.

There is very little known about the Zyklon of current day. The previous man was assumed dead or MIA but had faced off against the likes of the JSA, Invaders and the All-Star Squadron.


An unknown but loyal soldier by means of German science was gifted with superhuman speed, this √úbermensch would go on to be a champion for Nazi Germany. He then would disappear as many had of his time.

Among those of HYDRA the name Zyklon has re-surfaced and he no longer matches the descriptions of the previous host of the name in abilities or mannerisms.

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