Active Organizations of Earth-626


The Avengers

The Avengers are a clandestine, paramilitary group funded by SHIELD with the purpose carrying out missions and activities that the United Nations do not feel can handled through normal military measures, or missions they do not want to be made available for public consumption. Details are vague, and it is not clear if such a group actually exists or is just a dream of those on the darker side of the military industrial complex.


Notable Members:


During World War II the Strategic Scientific Reserve was created as a joint unit by the United States of America and the United Kingdom as an offensive to combat the growing forces of the Axis and their war agenda. It is through their think-tank and connections to then un-named Weapon Plus that the creation of Captain America was possible.
Following the war's end the SSR reformed as the United Nations sanctioned agency SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division); to remain vigilant and active in the war against global threats and terrorism.


Notable Members: Black Widow

Special Response Division

State governed militia unit's formed and mobilized as a response to ensure protection for the citizens of the U.S. against superhuman threats.


Notable Members: LT. Colonel Clayton "Tomahawk" Abernathy, Dr. Hugo Strange


Originally founded by the CIA in 1964 as International Operations and later reformed in the 80's as an umbrella project that encompasses extended branches with the purpose of safeguarding the interests of the United States on the home front and if need be on foreign soil. This intelligence organization acts as a 'hub' for several subdivisions; Checkmate (intelligence) , CADMUS (science & technologies) and the Program (operations). The Program basically consists of Team Red and Prime as well as former Team's X and 0 through 8. It's agencies actually spearheaded the Weapon Program and even Team X until disbanding and rights were given over to Department H.


Notable Members: Deathstroke, Arsenal, Taskmaster



Founded in the 1960's by Emil Zadrok, Cyberdata is a mega-conglomerate responsible for countless technological advancements far beyond modern theory their secret is supposedly of alien origins.


Notable Members: Emil Zadrok


OsCorp is a highly successful company, spanning the globe, but headquartered in New York City. It is the brainchild of Norman Osborn and got its start as an electrical and chemical engineering firm. As it continued to grow, OsCorp has expanded to include military and weapons manufacturing, aeronautics, and genetic engineering.


Notable Members:

Stark Industries

In Progress.


Notable Members: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts

Wayne Enterprises

Created by the merchant ancestors of the Wayne family of Gotham in the 17th century. This international conglomerate is host to a massive range of subsidiary companies and secretly funds the enigmatic vigilante Batman.


Notable Members: Bruce Wayne


The Brotherhood of Mutants

First began more than a decade ago by Magneto, the Brotherhood has served as an underground fighting force which believes that mutantkind are the next step in evolution. From petty acts of violence and vandalism to higher stakes missions such as destroying public landmarks, there is nothing that they won't do to further their cause, show off their strength, and 'prove' that they are superior. Over recent years they have fallen more into disarray, lacking authority figures within the ranks while their numbers continue to grow like an evolving street gang. To be part of the Brotherhood is to be part of a community, to be part of something bigger and better. While there are longer term members that will instantly recognize people such as Magneto and Mystique, a lot of the newer blood haven't had such exposure to their previous leaders and will not respond so favorably to them stepping in and giving orders. This is countered by many of the older members standing by their leaders with an almost religious passion. Infighting is thus quite a popular past-time.


Notable Members: Mystique, Magneto

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four a superhero family group led by Reed Richards, and whose main roster consists of Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, and the lovely Susan Storm. Led on a space mission by Dr. Richards, their vessel was hit by a band of extreme cosmic radiation. Upon their return to Earth, the four found they had unbelievable powers. They all agreed that it would be important to serve the world as superheroes, focused on justice and preventing the world from harm.


Notable Members: Reed Richards, Johnny Storm

Friends of Humanity

Under the leadership of human supremacist and anti-mutant lobbyist Graydon Creed the FoH acts as a political movement with extremist factions known for terrorist acts and violence against mutants. Counted amongst it's roster are connected movements such as the Purifiers and the Church of Humanity.


Notable Members: Graydon Creed

The Outsiders

A ragtag band of misfits who have joined together with the intent of helping the world and possibly universe at large. They come from all orgins, human, mutant, dimensional and alien. Their ultimate agenda? The greater good.


Hellfire Club

A social group made up of the elite and powerful, the Hellfire Club has origins in England and is currently based in America with branches all over the world. Though shrouded in secrecy, rumors are rampant about the point of the group. While some believe it to be a social and depraved playground for the whims of the rich, others fear it’s a network opportunity to control the economic, social, and political power throughout the world.


Notable Members: Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw

The Justice League

Created by the partnership of Wonder Woman and Superman (and a rumored involvement by the Bat-Man of Gotham), the Justice League of America is a network of superheroes who aim to preserve justice and peace for the American people. Though not part of the government, they work hand in hand with the Federal Government and the SRD to assist in matters where they can help.


Notable Members:

The Titans

The Titans are a new group based in the remnants of the old superhero groups of days old. Determined to fight for justice, this group is younger, fresher, and edgier than their older counterparts.

The Titans do not have an appointed leader, but rather seek to foster teamwork and collaboration in order to benefit from their members' unique talents. This approach may be somewhat chaotic, but due to the Titans' varied and surprising sets of powers, it can often be quite an advantage.


Notable Members:

Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning

In the late 90's Charles Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning was opened as a boarding school for gifted students. Financed through Xavier’s fortune, it is well respected for its track record in graduating strong students. Unknown to the public, Xavier’s is not only a great school but also a haven for mutant children. A place where they can learn how to use their powers in peace without the pressing eye of the public or uncompromising peers.


Notable Members: Charles Xavier


Shortly after creating the Institute, Charles Xavier resolved to take the training of his young students powers to a larger level. When they graduated and became adults, interested and selected members of the student body were selected to become X-Men.


Notable Members:



“Hail Hydra! Immortal Hydra! Cut off a limb and two come to take its place!”

Strongest records suggest that the terrorist group known as Hydra was created in the 1930s in Nazi Germany, though rumor has it they started much earlier. What is known is that they are a shadowy, underground group who uses business, politics, magic, and science as weapons to control the world. Their strategy is often to work within the confines of other groups, take them over, and push along an agenda of control.

Subgroups: Cobra, AIM.


Notable Members: Baroness, Taskmaster


Created by mobster Bruno Mannheim, Intergang is a network of the criminal underworld that works based on the principles of the mafia but with a supernatural and supervillain twist. While they make their cash from normal ventures, Intergang realizes that they cannot control the underworld without first ridding the planet of their superhero adversaries. They use whatever means necessary to eradicate the protection of the world by killing its heroes.


Notable Members:

League of Shadows

A creation of Ra’s al Ghul, the League of Shadows attempts to guide humanity through its endeavors as an eco-terrorist group. With poverty, hunger, and despair as its weapon, it creates change through discord. The assassin wing is active in shaping the world through dubious means: poisonings, kidnappings, and more classic forms of murder.


Notable Members:



A group of superhuman women who all hail from the mysterious Paradise Island, Amazons are blessed with gifts from their Goddesses. With Hyppolyta as their leader and Diana, their Princess, as its ambassador, the Amazons long to live in peace and isolation. However, some threats are merely too large to be ignored.


Notable Members: Wonder Woman Wonder Girl


Hailing from the realm of Asgard, these near Gods and Goddesses are ruled by Odin from his throne. With otherworldly power, the Asgardians have a complex web of political intrigue regarding succession to the throne that has often spilled over to Midgard (Earth). Asgardian interest in Earth is mixed. Earthlings are thought of as inferior, powerless, and simple.


Notable Members: Enchantress, Loki, Lady Sif, Thor


Though just a rumor to surface dwellers, Atlantis is a real place and is thriving deep under the waves. A group of superpowered mer-men and women reside there in harmony with the sea-life. Many have developed amazing powers due to the extreme pressure in which they live. Among Atlanteans in general, there is a great distrust of those on the surface, those who would willingly and carelessly pollute three quarters of the planet. Atlantis is ruled by King Orin.

Subgroups: The Blue, The Black


Notable Members: Fathom


Hailing from the planet Krypton, Kryptonians were a scientifically advanced race of peoples from a star system many, many lifetimes away. Though highly advanced, the race pushed science too far, digging too deep within the surface of their planet and causing a chain reaction that destroyed their planet. Some Kryptonians are rumored to exist in the galaxy, those who happened not to be on the planet when it exploded.


Notable Members: Power Girl, Supergirl, Superman

New Gods

The New Gods are a nearly omnipotent race of aliens hailing from the planets of Apokolips and New Genesis. Rumors of the New Gods are rampant throughout the Galaxy, but have yet to reach Earth in any form. As for now, Earth remains of no interest to the New Gods.


Notable Members: Big Barda

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