The History of Atlantis

Thousands upon thousands of years ago the continent of Atlantis sank beneath the waves. History does not remember the exact circumstances of it's disappearance, nor indeed the fact there was ever an Atlantis though its abrupt vanishing lives on in curious mysteries.

It seems incredible that anything could survive a cataclysm of such magnitude but the Atlanteans did, in a fashion. Powerful magics enabled some to survive, though the damage and death toll was severe. The cause caused a diaspora of small groups of people to spread out from the central point while others - many others - stayed to rebuild.
Overtime the kingdom rebuilt and spread to cover much of the Atlantic Ocean, re-absorbing many of the colonies in that ocean basin.

Around a thousand years ago The Black - autochthonic denizens of the far deep - took notice of the now thriving underwater nation and desiring a way to experiment on this new found genetic material used their telepathy to manipulate politics of that time. A benevolent ruler sat upon the throne of Atlantis and a small portion of the population began to seek a style of government more like a Republic than a Monarchy.

This small faction grew louder and discontent and int he end the King decided it would be easier to appease them than go to war against his own people. Lands were granted around the warm waters of the Caribbean, the group then established a colony. Unbeknownst to those that lived there, this small colony was then the focus of The Black's experimentation, sliding their genetic material in to the separated Atlantean population.

While technically answering to the Monarchy, isolation, ideological differences and genetic drift took it’s inevitable toll. The colony was more or less left to find its own way. After a couple centuries it was hardly a colony at all, but rather much more akin to a nation with tight diplomatic ties to its 'mother state' and remains so today. In time ‘Blue’ as the people came to call themselves, supplanted the traditional Atlanteans in their territory and have even sent parties into the Pacific Ocean to establish new enclaves.

The Black themselves have remained mysterious and reclusive, though given their activity with the blue it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that similar incidents have happened in other parts of the world’s oceans.

It was about three hundred years ago that the then King of Atlantis noticed a disturbing trend amongst his generals and governors. They bickered and maneuvered and in several notable incidents nearly sent provinces and city-states in the kingdom to the brink of civil war.

The King's claim to throne was challenged by the Southern Tribes of Atlantis and the colonies there-in, political maneuvering failed in easing what would mount to a war amongst the people of the waves. Conflict caused war and a fracture amongst the Empire of Atlantis.

These Southern Tribes were levied against by the rest of the Atlantean colonies and the claims brought forth by self-proclaimed Emperor Tha-Korr were denounced. An issue of coloration and right came in to place. The Lemurias are well known cousins and enemies of Atlantis from times before any living Atlantean can remember and as such their kin must be the Southern Tribes as they hosted a similar physical characteristic.

This weighed in favor against Tha-Korr and his people. The benevolent King was wise however and granted the Southern Tribes portions of the ruined and sunken original Atlantis in which to colonize again, they declared this city Kamuu and began calling it New Atlantis despite what grievances it would cause (the true capital of Atlantis being Poseidonis).

The Southern Tribal culture resembles the rest of Atlantean society and their 'parent' nation with the difference of being far more aggressive, warlike and to a degree savage. In time however they found their equilibrium and with it a kind of peace. Tha-Korr seemed content with ruling his people as Emperor and the wars between New Atlantis and the True Atlantis ceased. Relative harmony had fallen over the ocean dwellers.

During the great global upheaval of the Second World War, the south Atlanteans were the first located and attacked by massive experimental Nazi task forces (which may or may not have been driven by Hydra Technology). As powerful as the warlords of the Southern Tribes were their very nature would prove to be their downfall. The city of Kamuu and Tha-Korr were both destroyed followed by stronghold after another. The grandchild of Tha-Korr entreated their Atlantean brothers to aid them in their retribution against the air-breathers. No aid came to them

Matters had reached a tipping point in Atlantis itself and the King of the time felt unable - not to mention unwilling - to bring his people in to the surface war (this also proved to be a great political move for him as well, it removed the threat of Tha-Korr's people and their claim to his crown). Incensed, the South Atlanteans declared themselves separate in all matters from the rest of the Atlantean nation, their leadership fell to their champion and prince Namor, who declared himself King of New Atlantis despite very little grounds for such a boast. Abandoning their war ravaged homes of the south they struck out to the west and south. A nomadic war-like and nomadic people now. The entire scenario is one of great debate and a source of political trouble for Atlantis to this day.

Twenty-odd years ago the Lost King of Atlantis returned, and his half brother Orm willingly surrendered the throne to him, remaining on as an advisor to the new King, Arthur. Arthur has spent the last two decades doing what he can to start bridging the gap between the surface and Atlantis. It is… slow going.

The Blue are diplomatic, warm, allies of Atlantis, and while technically beholden to the crown, the reality is that there are few options for direct Atlantean interference into Blue affairs and none of them have much leverage. Indirect is… another matter. The relationship is roughly analogous to that between Canada or Australia and Great Britain. But with water. And super powers.

The South Atlantean clans remain a nomadic people are too proud and aggressive to be happy in the peaceful Atlantean society. Arthur wishes they would return, but knows that neither people are yet ready for that step. He has, however, taken the step of re-establishing tenuous diplomatic ties and extends the offer of what aid he can give to Prince Namor, who lives still and now leads his people.

Atlantean hegemony of their eponymous ocean is, for the most part unchallenged and even those states that do not technically answer to the crown pretty much always follow the lead of the underwater superpower. As one gets further away though, into the Indian and Pacific Oceans, that influence wanes and eventually vanishes all together. The oceans there can be frightening or enticing depending on your particular view of the matter, but they are certainly very different.

Physical Characteristics

Atlantean Physiology:

If one were to exclude the large racial variations that exist in Atlantean society, races that might be considered 'mutants' or 'metahuman' on the surface, your average Atlantean has evolved over the millennia to reflect the difficult conditions in which they live.

The "average" Atlantean is anywhere from 4x to 10x stronger than a human of similar build and size, the increased muscle and bone density required to survive beneath the ocean's pressure also allow them a more durable body type as well. Most blunt trauma can be shrugged off and even small arms fire is resisted (to a degree; high calibers and special rounds are not so easily dealt with).

They are quicker then your average human, reacting with the speed of an Olympic level athlete, though that tends to vary slightly with the profession of the Atlantean in question.

Very few Atlantean's possess the ability to breath air anymore, and so going to the surface requires an exosuit with a contained water rich environment.

South Atlantean Physiology:

Those who originate from the Antarctic regions, Kamuu, Skarka and Thakorr are the same physiology as your typical Atlantean with a difference of having pale blue, grey or dark blue skin (Attuma and Namor's people).

Lemurian Physiology:

The Lemurians are Atlanteans who migrated to the ruins of old Lemuria in the Pacific and are identical in physiology as typical Atlanteans with the difference of pale grey, light green or darker green to blue ranges of skin that has scales.

Blue Physiology:

Over time, and with the help of the Black tinkering with their genetics, the Blue have evolved to be quite different from their Atlantean parent race. Physically weaker, a Blue is only 2x to 5x stronger than a human of similar build and size. Their increased density lets them shrug off most blunt trauma but any small arms fire and even projectiles will injure them. Where the Blue have an advantage is that they are able to breathe both air and water and have varying levels of hydrokinesis. All Blue at least have passive ability to help them survive and move at depths beyond their mere physical abilities, essentially augmenting their toughness and strength.

Locations and Notable Members

The Places
Poseidonis (capital of Atlantis)
Ruins of Kamuu (previous capital of 'New' Atlantis and the Southern Atlantean Tribes)
Ruins of Tha-Korr
Skarka (capital of the "barbarian hordes")
Lemuria, the City of Toads (capital of the Lemurians in the Pacific Ocean)

The People
Arthur Curry "Aquaman", King of Atlantis
Mera of Xebel "Aquawoman", Queen of Atlantis
Orm Marius "Ocean Master", Adviser to the Crown
Namor McKenzie "Sub-Mariner", Prince and Monarch of the Southern Tribes
Rowan "Storm Surge", Other-Dimensional Traveler, one of the Blue
Karthon "the Quester", King of the Lemurians
Warlord Krang, Second-in-Command of Namor, Southern Tribes
Lady Dorma, betrothed of Namor, Southern Tribes
Warlord Seth, Third-in-Command of Namor, Southern Tribes

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