Brotherhood of Mutants
Brotherhood of Mutants
Status Active
Alignment Neutral-to-Evil
Affiliation Criminal
First Appearance ??
Base of Operations ??

Mutant and Proud!

The Brotherhood are a group of mutants founded originally by the Master of Magnetism who generally believe that mutants are superior to "baseline" humans. As a whole many of the Brotherhood share the fatalistic and resentful views of their founder and even after the man's departure from their ranks there has been continued resurfacing of the Brotherhood in various incarnations.

There is no true leader of the Brotherhood anymore only a loose-affiliation or clan-like organization of individuals that will rally when a charismatic, powerful or ambitious mutant steps forward and calls them to arms.

Media and their past actions has painted the Brotherhood as dangerous "super" terrorists, some view them as the underdog who need fixed and others, many like themselves who feel powerless and subjugated in a world that is against mutants view them as heroes.

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