In the early 1960's the company of Cyberdata was formed by Emil Zadrok after the discovery of an undocumented alloy, speculated to be part of an extraterrestrial vessel. Cyberdata at the time was a leader in cutting edge technology far ahead of many competitors and one of the forefathers of modern day technology.

Cyberdata appears as a very professional, highly competitive yet legal even at times benevolent business to the outside world.

Secretly the company is responsible for countless crimes and cover ups against humanity, many that occurred during Vietnam. Despite it's advanced alien technology Cyberdata has kept it's business ventures tied to this planet. Keeping it's more sophisticated and advanced technological breakthroughs out of the current timeline to keep things at a manageable medium, thus maintaining a safe buffer for the company. It allows it to operate openly just as any other mega-conglomerate like Wayne Enterprises, Stark Industries, LexCorp, Halo, Roxxon and so on.

Cyberdata is a corrupt organization ran by evil individuals who employ the use of cybernetic S.H.O.C. (Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg) troopers who are usually brainwashed and cybernetic-ally reconstructed in to murderous soldiers.


Emil Zadrok

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