Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Status Active
Alignment Good
Affiliation Independent
First Appearance 2011
Base of Operations The Baxter Building, 42nd Street and Madison Avenue, City of New York, New York, United States of America

"The World's Greatest Heroes"

The Fantastic Four have been described in the media as the World's Greatest Heroes, but that's just how they appear to the outside world. The residents of the Baxter Building know them as a loving, if dysfunctional family. They have eschewed anonymity and secret identities in favour of celebrity, though some of their latter recruits have broken with that tradition. Over the years, they have made friends, found replacements, and expanded the team from the original four into something greater. They created the Future Foundation, have walked on other worlds, and in other dimensions. While they no longer limit their membership to Four, they remain Fantastic.

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