SRD "Special Response Division"
The SRD or Special Response Division
Status Active
Alignment Neutral
Affiliation Government
First Appearance 1993
Base of Operations Tri-City HQs

"To protect and remain vigilant"

The SRD are not federal entities and command of each unit or division operates under their territorial or unit/head and or the respective state governor. Nearly every state has laws authorizing formation of Special Response Divisions and at this point in time nearly 27 states have different levels of activity, support and strength, their purpose is the accountability, containment, pacification and peacekeeping of aliens, metahumans, mutants and super-humans. A bill passed in 2009 proposed by South Carolina that grants the transfer of US military surplus and outside contracted gear to improve the readiness and capabilities of the SRD. Since this bills pass the SRD's numbers have bolstered as well as an obvious sign of improvement across the grid in the form of training, readiness and overall capabilities. Trainees are now expected to qualify under the MEMS badge of basic requirements and must adhere to the same moral and physical standards of local law enforcement agencies with the added skill trade of "superhuman readiness and response" training. Which involves several months of training tactics, techniques, proper response methods and even first aid for use and handling of "non-standard" humans. (Most commanding officers and higher ranked enlisted are former US Military soldiers).

In many states or territories the SRD forces are organized like military police brigades or infantry brigades with a central HQ or sometimes even attached to the local PD (depending on size and how much they work together - which is also dependent on their governor or unit head commands and all manner of paperwork).

As it stands Gotham, Metropolis and NYC all are considered one territory with differing SRD units overseeing each funded by their own respective benefactors and having their own chain of command underneath the governor and their territorial commander; LT. Colonel Clayton "Tomahawk" Abernathy who personally oversees Star Brigade stationed in Metropolis.

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