The Outsiders
The Outsiders
Status Active
Alignment Vigilante
Affiliation Independent
First Appearance ??
Base of Operations H.M.S.S. Starfire, The Nest


The Outsiders is a group of rag-tag misfits. Heroes with no established 'base' and no one place they call 'home', but if they are set in stone anywhere it is likely on a government watch or wanted list.

This does not bug them in the slightest.

They are who and what they are, people of many races and beliefs bound together for one thing alone, and that is to keep Earth as it is, keep its people safe, and keep it as their home: By whatever means necessary.

There is no code that they adhere to and follow. Other groups do not kill - they will if they must. Other groups seek to remain a secret - they band together when it suits them and do not truly seek to keep themselves or their operation on the streets cloaked. Their means is to an end, if that is how it needs to be.

They are not your every day heroes or icons, they are not what the villains expect as a response. This is why they are Outsiders.

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