Wayne Enterprises
Wayne Enterprises
Status Active
Alignment Neutral
Affiliation Corporate
First Appearance ??
Base of Operations Gotham, USA

Wayne Enterprises formerly Wayne Corp. has evolved and grown throughout it's inception which dates back to the earliest days of America itself. What began as a small merchant house in Gotham Town is now one of the most powerful companies in the world and a flagship of East Coast corporate might and innovation.

Its growth began when Solomon Wayne's descendants founded Wayne Shipping and Wayne Chemical, during the Industrial Revolution Wayne Manufacturing was a major expansion point for the company, the family's soon underwent exponential growth blossoming into the world spanning mega-conglomerate it is now.

After the catastrophe that struck Gotham in 09' Wayne Corp underwent drastic changes becoming Wayne Enterprises and Bruce Wayne turned the company's management over to longtime employee and trusted friend Lucius Fox. With Fox as chief executive officer Bruce Wayne (himself as a member of the board) was able to operate more frequently as Batman and knew the company was in good hands. In one quarter Fox increased the revenues of Wayne Enterprises by thirty billion dollars.

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