Status Active
Alignment Neutral-Good
Affiliation Independent
First Appearance ??
Base of Operations ??

"Protecting a world that fears and hates."

[Work In Progress]

The X-Men are less a team and more a group of people that believe. They believe in the dream of Charles Xavier. That mutant and humans can live together, in harmony. As to how to go about achieving that end? Well, the answers are as diverse as the followers themselves. Many of those who claim the title 'X-Men' have attended Xavier's Institute as children or teenagers, but not all.

Those who are the heroic vigilante group working out of a secret base several miles from the school itself are affectionately (or sometimes sarcastically) called the Gold Team. While their identities are kept secret from the public, their heroic personae can be well-known. They are outspoken fighters for mutant rights and are known to swoop in to a situation to help save the day and then swoop back out just as quickly.

Others feel that a less public approach is the answer, sabotaging anti-mutant plans by hook and by crook. This is the "Blue" Team. This is not a "Death Squad", and like all followers of Xavier they try to avoid killing. But there are a lot of actions of a more clandestine nature that don't involve killing. These X-Men take steps to ensure that not only are their private identities kept secret, but their 'heroic' ones as well.

A recent addition is that of a "Red" team. Started by alumni of Xavier's Institute, these X-Men live openly as mutants among the people of New York. Choosing not to live in "M-Town" but mixing with the general population, da Costa International (DCI) underwrites the team by making use of their talents to foot the cost of supporting them. These heroes public identities are known in addition to their heroic personae.

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