Resource Name Legacy-0 (HYDRA Retrovirus)
Type Infectious Agent

Legacy-0 or the HYDRA Retrovirus (Strains A, B and C) is an experimental and lethal bio-weapon tailored to target mutants and potential mutant by means of their specific X-Gene. It breaks down the organism's 'X-Factor' strain and any DNA associated on a molecular level, causing massive cardiopulmonary failure and wide spread tissue necrosis within hours of exposure.

This was originally developed by a now defunct arm of HYDRA and all research and production facilities related were hunted down and destroyed by a joint SHIELD/X-Men venture in a months long operation to rid the world of it, though it is probable that small aches remain undiscovered. The virus itself responds poorly to extremes of heat and must be kept refrigerated.

The HYDRA Retrovirus on Earth-626 is considered Legacy-0 as it is similar to (yet not quite) Legacy-1 (it is much less refined, messier, not as selective and considerably more inhumane) . It is essentially the proto-legacy virus for E-626.

First Appearance comuxthegame.com/log:20140602-a-walk-to-remember
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