Dimensions and Planes


Asgard is home of the Norse "Gods" it is a small extra-dimensional planetary body. it is a flat asteroid like landmass floating in a "sea of space". There are four worlds that exist on Asgard itself; home of the Asgardians is Asgard itself which includes Valhalla, Vanaheim home of the Asgardian sister race; the Vanir, Nidavellir which is home to the Dwarves and Alfheim, land of the Light Elves.

Asgard is connected to close-knit yet differing dimensions that contain the remainder of the Nine Worlds. It's main annex to the other dimensions is the Bifrost, or the Rainbow Bridge a form of dimensional teleportation via Asgardian technology and "magic" that allows travel from one realm to the next. Svartalheim, home of the Dark Elves is another asteroid like landmass that can be reached through numerous nexuspoints between the mountains of Jotuneheim.

Hel is the realm where the non-heroic are sentenced, Niffelheim is a frozen land where the dishonored go and Musepelheim is the land of fire and ash where demons dwell and Midgard, of course, the home of Earth-626. All of these realms are connected to interdimensional portals that make it look as though they exist "underground" or beneath Asgard itself, yet they are all in the same /dimension/ as one another.

Associated Characters: Thor, Sif, Amora, Loki


Limbo is a unique dimension that exists outside of the time stream and possesses no actual time of it's own. Reality is compromised of a single ever changing moment in which everything that ever was, or could be, co-exists. Time passes differently in Limbo, it is only a production of imagination by those who pass through it. No one actually ages in Limbo or at least not the same as they would in their own respective dimensions.

Limbo itself is accessible from all points of the Universe of 626 if one knows how to get there and has measureless areas where great voids of nothingness break apart the desolate landscape creating broken up landmasses that host their own inhabitants and even self-proclaimed kings and queens, like Belasco, Immortus, Merryman of the Inferior Five and Illyana Rasputina the Darkchilde. These beings usually have a connection to their realms that boost their power immensely while in their domain. These separated "kingdoms" manifest their own unique "personalities" that have adverse affects on travelers, denizens and prisoners of Limbo who end up or exist within their boundaries. The most expansive /claimed/ territory of Limbo is the once realm of Belasco that Illyana now possesses thanks to the Soulsword; this massive portion of the dimension is usually called Demonic Limbo, it's generally avoided by the rest of Limbo's denizens who prefer to stay outside of it's boundaries in Temporal or True Limbo as they call it.

With Limbo being "outside" of time and space many things that are "lost in time" have a tendency to end up in Limbo, such as the Library of Limbo and the Archway of Limbo which reads, "Facilis Discenus Averno" or "The road to Hell is Easy" both of these existing on specific landmasses of Limbo.

Associated Characters: Magik (Sorceress Supreme of Demonic Limbo)

The Astral Plane

The Astral plane exists outside of the physical realm of 626 and is a world of spirits and ectoplasm. It is still, however, touching or bordering /all places/ of the material world and capable of being reached by magic users, psychics and other similarly gifted beings. All life energies and consciousness of living beings in 626 are visible to those who know how to perceive such things while in the Astral Realm; hence why it is also called the Spirit World by some.

Perception of the Astral Plane depends highly on a persons own interpretation many see shiny silver roads with dark patches, endless space, vast landscapes of fog or something that can only be described as a bad acid trip, portions of the Astral Plane are ever shifting and even being molded by dreamers who harmlessly (most times) traverse the Astral Plane's lower levels. Telepaths and psychics are routine travelers of the Astral Plane as are many magic users and entities, these beings are usually extremely powerful in this plane of existence and can manipulate 'reality' around them and even shape weaponry from their bodies.

Associated Characters: Xavier, Emma Frost

The Shadowlands / Darkforce Dimension

A pocket dimension of continual darkness the Shadowlands or Darkforce Dimension is supposedly created of the substance dispelled during the creation of the Universe 626. It is a mysterious perpetual realm of shadow that is reputed to have a corruptive influence that can be tallied to long term exposure. The source of this pervasive force is said to be a creature called the Predator by Darkforce users but this may only be simple speculation.

Associated Characters: Obsidian, Shade, Cloak, Darkhawk


Olympus is another dimension adjacent to Earth where the Olympian gods (compromises Greek and Roman pantheons) dwell. A portal exists between Earth and Olympus on Mount Olympus in Greece. There is another portal that links Asgard to Olympus as well. The River Styx spans the dimension itself and connects to the House of Hades which is divided btween Elysium and Tartarus.

Associated Characters: Ares, Hercules


The Twilight Realm refers to several 'connected' dimensions that exist within the same sphere. Otherworld (Avalon/Tir Na Nog, Starlight Citadel, Fomor, etc) and Gemworld are two such realms that exist in this amalgam of cross-connected lands. The Asgardian realm of Álfheimr is also said to overlap in to the realm of Fae in certain areas where barriers between planes are weakest.

Associated Characters: Rune (Otherworld), Diarmuid (Otherworld)

Other Dimensions

Countless other associated dimensions exist as well such as the Negative Zone, Shadow Zone, the Microverse, and uncountable other planes, pocket dimensions and realms, including Hell and it's many levels (- Consider Dante's Inferno as an example and each layer has their respective leader such as Mephisto, Azazel, Samael [DC comic's Lucifer], Malebolgia, etc. These rulers of 'Hell' constantly battle over the title of Satan, a title that actually has changed hands multiple times throughout history), layers and connection domains.

Associated Characters: Nightcrawler (Brimstone Dimension)

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