Mutant Town

District X "Mutant Town"


District X, also known as the less politically correct yet more popular
coined Mutant Town is a very unique Burroughs located between Alphabet City
and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan.

M-Town's famous (and infamous) for hosting one of the largest concentrated
populations of 'muties' in all of the United States and quite possibly the
world. This collection of metahumans isn't just those hosting the X-Gene but
many others who have found it easier to get by in a world rampant with a lack
of understanding and fear for the unknown. The very real unknown.

It's population boom began in the mid to late 90's after the X-Gene was
isolated and hate crimes against mutants and metahumans had almost become an
epidemic. The District X location was already nestled in a major cradle of
immigration from outside countries. This clustering of families and community
from allover the world had many subcultures and secrets, a secret very few
knew but overtime it developed in to what we now call Mutant Town.

No longer just a subculture or collection of assorted various subcultures but
it's very own enclave of metahumans, muties, freaks and outcasts.

This massive enclave has only grown in leaps and bounds, the Morlock Massacre
ten years ago attributed to this as has recent events.

To the outside world M-Town is seen as a dangerous ghetto full of
human-hating mutates, crime, prostitution, narcotics, illiteracy,
unemployment, overcrowding and violence. It has been listed as one of the
most dangerous places to live in the world several times over. Although true,
this does not mean it's incapable for people to live there or maintain a
happy life.

Quite the opposite really, M-Town is full of diversity and oddities the
outside world could only dream of, District X is the center of fringe
movement and cutting edge fashion, food, design and even some technology. The
cultural influence of the residents along with their unique abilities aids in
making Mutant Town one of the most progressive, liberal minded, innovative,
unique places in the world. Old School Total Recall has nothing on M-Town.

Due to the diversity of District X and it's pro-mutant stance New York City
and the SRD have had a hard time keeping any form of law enforcement within
it's territories (SRD or 'MRD' come in hot or not at all - they have a
tendency to disappear in this neck of the woods). Due to this crime is a
major factor of concern and about 90% of all illicit activity is controlled
by organized crime families. Life within District X had largely been Wild
West rules up until two years ago when the 11th Precinct of the NYPD was

Though small this specialized task force of police officers is a collection
of some of the toughest, meanest, hardiest law enforcement professionals the
city has to offer, as a golden rule they follow the motto, "Expect the
Unexpected" which in M-Town, these are words to live by.

Places of Interest

  • Cafe Des Artistes (A favorite for 11th Precinct officers, the Cafe itself is covered in photos of mutants and circus freaks, the more outlandish one looks the more likely they are to end up on a wall)
  • Daniel's Inferno (a popular nightclub that caters to the Dante's Inferno of the Divine Comedy with it's theme. This is a popular location for Angelic and Demonic looking metahumans)
  • Double Helix Restaurant
  • McCarthy Avenue Tenements (Low-income housing, subject to numerous health inspects and is over run by insects. It's in need of being condemned)
  • Mutatoo (A very popular tattoo parlor and mutant biker run joint)
  • The Power Plant (a fairly decent dive bar owned and operated by a tentacle sporting mutant woman named Lefty)
  • Shakespeare's (A posh nightclub located on Calley Avenue. It's got negative relations with Daniel's Inferno due to ownership issues)
  • Wannabees (Another posh nightclub that caters to humans who wish to have a taste of mutant and metahuman subcultures. Clubbers of Wannabees tend to dress up or accessorize to look just like metas)
  • Wildkat Klub (a mens club that focuses on mutant patrons and those seeking mutant companionship. It's very popular and very expensive)
  • X-Factory (a store that carries fashion and clothing for mutants and even superheroes and villains)
  • C-Street Medical Offices (a low cost, affordable to free clinic that caters to mutants)
  • 11th Precinct

Persons and Residents of Note

A Brief History Lesson
October 23, 2014: Magneto meets Lunair in Mutant Town for lunch and business
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Mutant Town Mix-Up
September 05, 2014: Mutant Town's getting a little ugly these days. (Violence)
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Just like a Gargoyle
August 14, 2014: X-23 spots Magneto in Mutant Town and confronts Lunair and him.
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Mutant Town Hot Saturday Night
August 2, 2014: An impromptu get-together with cake. No lie.
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Bill & Ted And the Mutant Menace
July 15, 2014: Billy and Teddy wander into Mutant Town one evening…
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M-Town Hustle
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