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There's a trend, we've noticed, that sees a lot of players setting up blogs written from their characters' points of view. Whether its as a private journal, provided for OOC entertainment purposes, or OOC commentary on IC situations, a lot of people seem to enjoy this. It can also be fun to post a "cutscene" that shows what your character is doing between on-camera adventures. To that end, we wanted to provide opportunity for our players to do that here, all in one communal space, rather than having to sign up for an account elsewhere — or even wrestling with setting up your own Wikidot site1. Too, we thought it might add just that little bit more interactivity here that people might find cool.

Check out the quicklinks to the right for instructions and tools that will help you set everything up, if you'd like. Otherwise, check out what other people have written, below.

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Shifty Plots
The Smooth: Epidemic
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Posted: 17 Oct 2014 06:48 | Comments: 0 | Tags: shift

Shifty Plots
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Posted: 17 Oct 2014 02:40 | Comments: 0 | Tags: shift

Plot Thots
Plotfish think plot thots...
It's an odd term, plotfish is. And more than once, I've heard a confused onlooker wonder just what the hell it means. I can't tell you where I found it — Hell, I might've just made it up one day. (But, really, I don't think it's my creation… I'm almost positive someone else said it first.) But, I have found it an incredibly useful and uniquely awesome term… (Read full article ⇒)
Posted: 19 Feb 2014 07:57 | Comments: 0 | Tags: tpblog

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