Collecting Characters

Character Development vs. Character Sheet Development

One thing that is important to keep in mind with CoMux is that we aren't your average role-playing game. The driving force which motivates us all here has absolutely nothing to do with boosting our power, acquiring stronger pieces of gear, or 'leveling up' past That Other Guy. For some people, it's all about the destination — maxing out stats, levels, power, what have you. If you're that kind of player, this is not the game you want.

Here on CoMux, we're all about the story. The story of the characters, the story of the city, the story of the world, the story of how amazing the cherry pie is on the small diner off of third street. This here is a story which writes itself, fueled by the passion and creativity of the players and characters which inhabit it. Character sheets are for reference, stats do not matter. What matters is the story, and the enjoyment we gain out of sharing them.

When the focus becomes more about the stats and the powers than the roleplay, it may be time to consider playing a different game.

Picking Up Previously Played Characters

Given that the nature of games like this, where many of the characters in play are from canonical comic-based sources, we feel that taking over a new character is like seeing a new writer come on to a favorite title. Usually, the writer has to maintain the past continuity of previous writers — though he is given some wiggle room on that. Thus, wherever possible, players are to be encouraged to maintain continuity and past RP for any character they take over, as much as possible. In cases, however, where doing so is clearly problematic, efforts should be made to work with the other players affected by any change to find an equitable balance that is agreeable to all parties involved. In the event that no agreement can be reached, after an honest try, then retconning becomes a solution. However, app staff should be involved in any discussion of such changes.

Overdone, Restricted, and Banned Character Types & Backgrounds

We like to offer a lot of freedom of choice here on CoMux, however there are certain characters and concepts that either do not fit into the theme of our game or would potentially break the game… or both.

Banned characters/concepts

These are characters or concepts we flat-out refuse to allow on the game, or which we have reserved specifically for high-level plot use.

  • Cartoon characters. E.g. Anything from South Park to anime.
  • Fables characters, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc
  • Angel and Buffy characters.
  • Space /BASED/ characters are currently off the roster as well; Super-Skrull, Adam Warlock, Guardians of the Galaxy, Various Lanterns, so on (currently the game is terrestrial based and focused upon the Tri-Cities. Come live this may change but for now these character types are a banned concept).
  • Characters existing far outside the scope of Marvel/DC comics and of Earth 626, whether as comics or other media. E.g. Firefly, Star Trek, Labyrinth, Krull, Dr. Who, etc.
  • Extremely powerful, cosmic, or reality-warping characters, characters that serve better as plot devices for various reasons. E.g. Darkseid, Galactus, Hela, Mephisto, Black Alice, the Phoenix Force (as opposed to Jean Grey without the Phoenix), etc.

    Note: Occasionally, we may allow players to app somewhat "nerfed" versions of these characters. Speak to staff, if you're really desperate to play them. But, you'll have to come up with some pretty amazing or thorough arguments to make us change our minds. Chances are, you'll be disappointed.

  • Anthropomorphic, neko, or 'furry' characters, which are not part of either DC or Marvel canon. Characters with the ability to shape-shift into animal form from a human form are generally allowed, but will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Non-sentient beings and characters of animal intelligence.
  • Original characters which are clear knock-offs of DC/Marvel characters, whether as a character itself or in what gear they carry.
  • Any character, whether canonical or original, with whose powers or abilities are nearly exclusively focused on seduction or sexual coercion. (This applies more to characters like Stacy-X, whose entire character seems predicated on her ability to manipulate pheromones, as opposed to characters like Black Widow, whose primary skillset is spycraft and weapons training, with seduction simply as a subset of the whole package rather than a regular focus. Basically, we're coming back to the whole "This game is not about sex" policy. See "A word about sex on the game" for a reminder. )
  • Any character that is under the age of 18. (You can still play them if you find a way to age them up to 18 or older.)
  • Elder Gods, Cosmic characters, Celestials, Danger, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Onslaught, DC/Marvel Animals, Howard the Duck, Phoenix Force/Goblin Force, Dimensional/Hell Lords/Chaos Lords/Lords of Order (Zarathos, Shadow Master, Trigon, Dormmamu, Mephisto, Malebolgia, etc), Annihilus, Shuma-Gorath, Mojo, Odin Force, Darkseid, Apocalypse, Superboy Prime, Helspont, Despero, Black Alice, Eclipso, Pandora, Time Trapper, Nekron, Destiny Force, the Wizard, the Presence, the Endless, Lucifer Morningstar, Jenny Quantum, Bastian, Ultron, Vulcan.

Restricted characters/concepts include:

These are characters and concepts which might be allowed, but it's not likely. Apply for them at your own risk.

  • Original characters with an extremely high power level. E.g. Superman strength, Omega level mutants, etc.
  • Original characters that are very powerful but also at the low end of the allowed age restriction.
  • Any character which would clearly disrupt or clash with the game's theme and/or timeline.
  • Original 'intergalactic ninja assassin' characters.
  • Any 'multiple-character' or anyone that has more than one physical body. This refers more to characters such as the Stepford Cuckoos rather than characters with duplication powers, such as Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man (who is absolutely app-able).
  • Fantomex, Amanda Waller, Franklin Richards, Spectre, Mister Sinister, Rose Tattoo, Brainiac, Sentry, Doomsday, Kang, Dr. Fate, Hyperion, Supreme, Count Nefaria, Mr.Majestic, Spawn, Legion, Stryfe, Vulcan, Eternals, Deviants, Aliens of any kind, Dark Beast, Invincible, Captain Dynamo, Omni-Man, Scarlet Witch, Despot, Omega Sentinel, Magik, Doctor Doom, the Darkness, Nate Grey, Cobra-La characters, New Gods, Molecule Man, the High, Vandal Savage, Phantom Stranger, Cable, Xavier, Magneto, Kryptonians, Stepford Cuckoos, Clones, Dr.Strange, Inhumans, Terry McGuiness, Reality Manipulation, Otherly-Dimensional characters, Time Travel/Manipulation/Time-Travelers.

In other words: Just because a pair of characters are considered inseparable, doesn't mean they actually are.

Any characters existing from other comic series will be handled on a case by case basis. We understand that there are many other characters out there which could be made to fit within this game's theme. But, please bear in mind that any such characters could potentially require some heavy reworking and will take additional time in order to approve or deny.

Also note that while these types of characters are restricted or banned from becoming player-controlled alts, we aren't opposed to the idea of bringing in some of the bigger named comic characters strictly for use with global plots. If you have an idea in mind, feel free to contact the staff about it!

Plagiarism and Original Content

This one's easy. Please, use your own original work when apping for characters. Yes we know that if you're apping a comic book character odds are someone else created it and ten billion words have been written about it on the internet, but we want to see your take, not some Wiki's. If staff reasonably suspects that you have plagiarized or copy-pasted your app, the bit will be denied and you will not be able to re-app for three months. If it happens a second time, your account will be banned.

For the purposes of this policy, this shall include both the original works of other players and the wiki information sites. If something absolutely, positively seems like the best way word a particular bit of application (and it's public domain), please, talk it out with the staffer handling your app. Our wordsmiths are pretty good so odds are they can help you find something that doesn't violate this policy. Yes, we understand that when applying for a character that's been hashed over it comics a hundred times that it can be hard to find words that seem like your own. We don't expect you to be the next Stan Lee, just take a little pride in the bit you want us to give you.

Alternate Characters Policy

Currently, our alt policy is limited to 3 CCs (heroes & neutrals) and 2 VC's (villains), and through activity players can +request additional slots. No restrictions on OCs or SCs beyond as many as you can handle. Before apping after your first approved character make sure you have a log on each name that is current.

*In regards to SCs please do not get greedy and try not to grab overlapping characters or ones that have the potential to suffer this issue. For instance - if you are a member of the Bat-Family or have say Lucius Fox and you also want James Gordon you will be denied. In order for SCs to remain SCs their purpose is to be a 'support' for their designated character whether hero, villain or neutral. Also when apping your SC make sure staff is aware of who that target individual or team is.

Vacation Policy

Vacations can be set up to 30 days (this can be extended if absolutely necessary - speak to staff)
Simply inform staff and post to the vacation board in game (or staff will if you are unable).
Your characters will not be considered idle during this time but once off vacation you have 14 days to have a log up or they will be considered idle and up for bidding.
Before requesting vacation please have current logs (within 1-3 days) or anything beyond 3 days will be counted against that 14 day grace period on return. Day for day.

Idle Policy

Staff does not police idle characters to determine when they are available for application. A lot of times people are idle on a CC that no one has an interest in applying for but that isn't always the case. Staff will not remove a character from a CC for being IDLE unless another player wants that character. If your CC is IDLE (see below) and another player puts in a request for that CC, the character will be awarded to the new player once staff verifies that they are indeed idle. This puts the burden on the players to both keep track of their activity and to keep an eye on the activity of characters that they want to play.

We will, however maintain the system and occupied character bits by checking quarterly and doing a sweep. If you have not maintained sufficient standards of not being considered IDLE your CC/SC/VC can be part of the reaping. We are not obligated to send out notices for such things, so please, maintain activity and keep this painless for us and you!

  • When does a CC or an SC/VC become idle?

30 days w/out a posted log for Comic Characters (CC)
60 days w/out a posted log for Support Characters (SC) and Villain Characters (VC)

A CC/VC/SC that becomes Inactive will be wiped, newpassworded and returned to the Welcome room. A bboard message will be made that the character is now considered OPEN.

  • When does a CC/VC/SC become inactive?

2 weeks from registration to application submission
1 week without replying to staff during the application phase
30 days w/out logging in

An OC that becomes Inactive will be @nuked. It will not be given over to another player as it is the IP of the original creator.

  • When is an OC considered inactive?

60 days w/out logging in

  • When can I get my CC back after I lose them?

30 days after you lose the bit if no one else has apped for the character

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