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Below are the most recent logs posted to date:

04 Apr 2015 18:21World on Fire: The Central Axis (2015)
April 2, 2015: Monsters, time travel, tears in spacetime. Just another Thursday in New York.
(log: 20150402-world-on-fire:the-central-axis-2015 | tags: captain_america corvinus edwin_jarvis fitz howard_stark kara meggan paul_manning peggy_carter simmons witchblade world_on_fire)

04 Apr 2015 07:18Secret Origins: Team 7
April 3rd, 2015: Dinah Drake and Slade Wilson sit down for a 'chat'. Slade reveals some of Dinah's missing memories from her time in Team 7. Big shocks and surprises.
(log: 20150402-secret-origins-team-7 | tags: black_canary deathstroke t7 team7)

02 Apr 2015 18:21Super Good Advice
April 1st, 2015: Robin and Supergirl meet up in Metropolis and have a nice little chat!
(log: 20150401-super-good-advice | tags: robin supergirl)

02 Apr 2015 15:04On the Way to Santa Prisca
April 1st, 2015: Cyclops, Mimic and Magneto go looking for Xavier's missing students. First step is a smuggler ship going between Santa Prisca and Gotham.
(log: 20150401-on-the-way-to-santa-prisca | tags: brotherhood cyclops magneto mimic x-men)

03 Apr 2015 08:28Fussy Gus
April 1, 2015: Partisan invites May, Fenris and Zee to go flying. Who would have thought the Mistress of Magic doesn't like flying.
(log: 20150401-fussygus | tags: fenris partisan the_cavalry zatanna)

03 Apr 2015 06:58Demon Tech
April 1, 2014: Jericho works out that Nyx has taken on some of his demonic goodness
(log: 20150401-demontech | tags: aspect nyx)

01 Apr 2015 05:30Blood and Booze
April 1st, 2015: Deathstroke hits a Yakuza kid and meets Phobos who was there gettin' on his drank.
(log: 20150401-blood-and-booze | tags: deathstroke fight phobos yakuza)

01 Apr 2015 22:17The Butcher Of New York
March 31, 2015: The Butcher hits New York and Partisan, May and some others take him out.
(log: 20150331-thebutcherofnewyork | tags: partisan spearhead the_cavalry trailblazer)

01 Apr 2015 05:25Smoothgasbord
March 31, 2015: A twisted conspiracy ends up pitting a NYC gang against a mob of mutants in a bloody, racist confrontation over an incoming shipment of Smooth. The altercation brings different vigilantes together, but the end result is a tragedy of its own right, and a victory for HYDRA. (Vulgarity, racism, gruesome violence, drugs)
(log: 20150331-smoothgasbord | tags: eventide hydra kane-reynard nyssa_al_ghul shift spearhead the-smooth winter_soldier)

01 Apr 2015 22:10Porting Into Shadowcrest
March 31, 2015: Pepper visits Shadowcrest
(log: 20150331-portingintoshadowcrest | tags: coyote gotham pepper_potts shadowcrest zatanna)

01 Apr 2015 22:36Pushing Gotham
March 31, 2015: Kane visits Babs to discuss the TonTon Macoute and HYDRA Threat
(log: 20150331-hydrapushgotham | tags: fox gotham oracle)

31 Mar 2015 22:49Downward Spyral
March 31, 2015: Nightwing contacts Oracle and Arsenal about a new threat in Gotham
(log: 20150331-downwardspyral | tags: arsenal gotham nightwing oracle)

30 Mar 2015 08:45Safety Dance
March 30th, 2015: A gang war erupts in a run down neighborhood. The Punisher responds with violent force. Deadpool also happens to be there causing trouble. Tristan saves a woman and is accused of a terrible thing. Spider-Gwen and the Invisible Woman also help out, until one of them, seems to turn into some kind of freaky spider thing. It all ends with the arrival of the NYPD and SRD.
(log: 20150330-safety-dance | tags: contingency_c deadpool gwen invisible_woman retrograde the_punisher tristan)

01 Apr 2015 22:04Primal Force: Hellgate and Leylines
March 30, 2015: Zee follows up with Paul about the Hellgates. Primal Force discovers something about the wya they are situated.
(log: 20150330-hellgatesandleylines | tags: aspect coyote paul_manning primal_force witchblade zatanna)

29 Mar 2015 21:16This is my Rifle
March 29,2015: Nate, Longshot, Ravager all having Danger Room antics while Rose tests her new eye.
(log: 20150329-this-is-my-rifle | tags: longshot ravager x-man x-men)

03 Apr 2015 08:10Team V Team
March 29, 2015: X-Men get some Team Versus Team practice in
(log: 20150329-teamvteam | tags: cyclops lux mimic quicksilver shadowcat)

29 Mar 2015 21:03SuperPower
March 29th, 2015: Power Girl & Supergirl meet again, this time over the ocean. Supergirl shows Power Girl something special, maybe they will be friends one day!
(log: 20150329-superpower | tags: power_girl supergirl)

29 Mar 2015 07:55Straight Out of Gotham
March 29, 2015: Bluebird tracks down a fallen drone, Agent Venom comes to inspect.
(log: 20150329-straightoutofgotham | tags: bluebird contingency_c got gotham)

03 Apr 2015 07:33Polymorphing Mage
March 29, 2015: A visit to a basement, a surprise and some freezing occurs
(log: 20150329-polymorphingmage | tags: aspect nyx supergirl)

30 Mar 2015 03:02Iceberg Lounge Shakedown: Bird Cage
March 29th, 2015: The siege of the Iceberg Lounge is undertaken. The Penguin faces off against the Bat-Clan, Two-Face and the Catwoman.
(log: 20150329-iceberg-lounge-shakedown:bird-cage | tags: bat-fam batgirl batman bluebird catwoman fox gotham oracle two-face)

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So, we want to see as many logs posted here as possible.

That said, there are few things we don't want to see posted. Chief among these, of course, are explicit sex scenes1. What you and your characters choose to do behind closed doors that's of an intimate nature is entirely your business, and we don't want to see it2. (Not to mention the fact that, if we post anything here that goes against the Wikidot terms of use, we could lose the site.)

However, there are times in a story when intimacy is interrupted by key plot moments, or vice versa. So, there may be times when posting a log that includes an intimate encounter, just for the sake of keeping a tinyplot on track, may be desirable. In such cases, a little bit of tasteful editing may be in order. (Fade-to-blacks and/or a generic summary gloss can be your friend.) As long as it's something that can be viewed on prime-time cable (but not on spray-per-view channels), we don't have any problem with it.

Similarly, if a scene involves an excessive amount of violence, coarse language, or other aspects that may make it NSFW, it needs to be flagged as such (mostly as a courtesy for our players who, even though they can't log to play from work, enjoy catching up on logs over their lunch and coffee breaks). Please be sure to tag any NSFW logs as such.

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