Experiment 626

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X-626 ultimately runs the game… but sure couldn't do it without everyone else at her side.


I've written most of the rest of the site in third person; I'm not writing my profile in third person, too.

Of course, having spent so much time writing the rest of the site, I've kinda run out of things to say here.

Experiment 626
Portrayed by Stitch!
General Info
Position Chief Admin, Ideas Wrangler, and Webmaster.

Game Blog

I have decided that, periodically, I will write about things I'm thinking about in connection to the game. If you'd like to read and comment on my thoughts, great. If not, equally great.

It's just something I want to do.

A complete archive of entries can be found at:
A Stitch In Time

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An Observation…


"Why is it, whenever anybody says, 'With all due respect…', what they actually mean is, 'Kiss my ass…'?"
Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams (Mass Effect)


"I got nuthin'."
Colonel Jack O'Neill (Stargate: SG-1)

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