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Type: Element - Metal
Info: During the 80s a media craze and global phenomena quite literally hit the Earth in the form of meteorites, glowing green and red ones. This sparked a wild public paranoia that spoke of Alien invasion, creatures from outer space, nuclear attack and all manner of Science Fiction spawned nonsense. Most notable about this event was a collector's craze that tilted the stock markets for a short period of time. This "green rock" frenzy was both ridiculous and monumental also thankfully very short lived (mainstream it lasted just short of three years).

The discovery of this unique metal reportedly hit several locations at once among those documented are Canada, the United States, South America, Eastern Europe on through Russia and even to a lesser extent China. These glowing alien space rocks were quickly hunted down, confiscated and vaulted away by various governments around the world, the announced reason? Radiation.

It has since been confirmed the Green (sometimes Red) rocks do have a low range emission of electromagnetic type radiation that is similar to gamma or X-ray that somehow on an isolated level disperses, displaces and can even ionize photovalic and photosynthetic cells. This unique radiation is not directly harmful to humans and even many plants but continuous or prolonged exposure can and will have negative effects. Oddly enough this Metal-K radiation does not penetrate lead.

Since its discovery many names for the rare element have been tossed around for a period of time Kryptonium was the most popular but that over the last ten years has fallen out of popularity for the word "Kryptonite". Several science boards have even tried to have Kryptonium/Kryptonite added as the periodic element 126 these attempts seemed inconclusive and are only mentioned in passing by the general science community.

How did it get here? The most popular theory is a large singular meteoroid (quite possibly asteroid) exploded or collided with something outside of our galaxy and the remnants of this broken space voyager found their way to Earth and surrounding planets (and even galaxies).

Variants of the glowing rocks include crystallized versions and ore. The only colors documented so far (and as far as anyone is aware) are green and red. No one really knows the reason behind the two colors but another and possibly true reason behind this but after destruction of the original meteoroid several chunks passed through a mysterious red space mist or dust that attached itself to the green rocks and actually mutated them, the core sample is still the same but some properties change, the discoloration the most obvious. There is a minor difference in the radiation emission but scientists have yet to determine what sort of effects this may have if it is any at all it is very minor.

(The real story behind this is upon the destruction of Krypton the unique warp drive system that helped Kal-El escape pulled much of the debris of the planet with it to our own.

Also the theory in regards to the red Kryptonite is also truth. Only the wealthy, influential and powerful have access to Kryptonite, the red is even harder to get hands on.

What this means is that a finite surplus of Kryptonite exists on Earth but it is an almost traceable number that is extremely rare and has been rigorously studied under lock and key for the past two decades or more by underground science divisions usually of those government nature.

As it stands Cadmus is the premiere expert on all things Kryptonian in origin (and not shockingly also cloning) they are aware of aliens and specialize in Kal-El's people, the Kryptonians (as limited as that knowledge is at this point in time). It is assumed much of their intelligence comes from DNA mapping and a form of genetic memory delving technology which is currently not an exact science.

Though, it's name Kryptonite is a leak of knowledge and origin that cannot actually be pinpointed as the world at large really has no clue aliens are amongst us, there is theory, speculation and paranoia but aliens as a whole are not a known commodity on Earth (the governments know otherwise as do those who travel in such circles but the general populace of the world has no idea, Superman himself has yet to out himself as one on any public forum - mutants are a thing as the x-gene was discovered in the early 90s and metahumans are a documented oddity but aliens are only suspect).

This also means there is at this point in time ONLY green and the even rarer red Kryptonite exists.

First Appearance:

Legacy-0 (HYDRA Retrovirus)

Type: Infectious Agent
Info: Legacy-0 or the HYDRA Retrovirus (Strains A, B and C) is an experimental and lethal bio-weapon tailored to target mutants and potential mutant by means of their specific X-Gene. It breaks down the organism's 'X-Factor' strain and any DNA associated on a molecular level, causing massive cardiopulmonary failure and wide spread tissue necrosis within hours of exposure.

This was originally developed by a now defunct arm of HYDRA and all research and production facilities related were hunted down and destroyed by a joint SHIELD/X-Men venture in a months long operation to rid the world of it, though it is probable that small aches remain undiscovered. The virus itself responds poorly to extremes of heat and must be kept refrigerated.

The HYDRA Retrovirus on Earth-626 is considered Legacy-0 as it is similar to (yet not quite) Legacy-1 (it is much less refined, messier, not as selective and considerably more inhumane) . It is essentially the proto-legacy virus for E-626.

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Type: Element - Metal
Info: A unique Asgardian element that is incredibly resilient. This strange ore possesses a natural affinity for magic and is capable of storing vast amounts of energy. Only the most capable can truly enchant Uru.
This metal is extraordinarily rare on Earth and generally only found where Asgardians dwell.
First Appearance: Mjolnir

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